House of Harlots

We are a fun and friendly High Sec PvE and Industry focussed corporation that welcomes NewBros and Veterans alike!


We are all about making Eve fun! Everyone has a real-life, and we are not the type of corporation that will require you to be playing all the time, you can log in and out as you please. We do not put expectations on your time - you are in control! We can, however, offer you an excellent Eve experience with the time you do have! Hover over the images below and find out more about our corporation ethics!

We aim to support players with their journey through the world of Eve Online. We offer support and advice to new, veteran and returning players alike. Our primary focus as a corp is PvE and industry, but we can also guide you on your PvP journey!

Our corporation has been built on respect. You will be respected regardless of your knowledge or background. We are however not dull you can expect some good banter!

Are you looking for a relaxed and friendly corp that has no time requirements? We have no minimum skill point or activity level requirements. Logon, have fun and log off as you please!

What we offer

We have very few rules or requirements and are open to both hardcore and casual players alike. We never impose any required activity level, and you are free to play as you wish. We offer a range of service to players and run several group activities that you can join if you want to. Our primary goal is to help you achieve your goals within the game. Below are some of the fantastic things we offer! This is in no way an exhaustive list as we are adding new items all the time.

Ready to Join?

Why not come and have a chat with us on Discord? or join our in-game recruitment channel -WHOH Recruitment


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